Demo '012

by Kellam

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Vocals: Johnny
Drums: Sean
Guitars: Cliff & Anthony

Recorded in 4 hours by Wesley Engel in a tiny, cramped bedroom.


released January 6, 2012

All music by Kellam. Recorded by Wesley Engel. Thanks so much dude!



all rights reserved


Kellam North Judson, Indiana

Some dudes playing music because everything else sucks.

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Track Name: Recoil
I was left too long
Stupid and drunk inside
Never really listening
I'm barely getting by
I'm sure its been noticed
I feel their thoughts
I taste their anger
It's my loss
I'm sure that I understand this better
My memories catch up with me
I can't control your every action
Slowling splitting my brain, I am gone
Lifting the weight off my shoulders, I am frowned upon
How can I explain it, I'm hardly around
Hopefully you get a grip on your mind
Becuase I'm totally lost in myself
Track Name: Understanding The Difference
Question my every spoken word
Today is not the day
To deal with all of these problems
It's hard in every way
If you would please excuse me
This is not my thing
Oh no, it's happening all again
He couldn't just tell her, what was on his mind
So he locked it all away
Hidden well his pride
He sucks it up
To try again another day
Expressing every bit of emotion
That flows inside of me
There will always be a problem.
Track Name: Edgewater
Patiently, you're around and I am stuck waiting here
And honestly, I'm getting real bored of this place
Everything, parting and fading; I feel a change
And it seems that I can't keep up with your pace.
Fed up, I'm sorry, but I've got to go; I'm leaving here
To move on and be bored in another place
I've milked this for all that it's worth
Now it's gone, but I am not done
And it was fun while it lasted
I tend to feel guilty and destracted
Out of sight, out of mind; it's cleansing
Could you do the same
Too fast, it went by; too sick, it's just how it goes
it's not about you or me
But it could be. I was too out there.
Can't change it now, it'll just have to do.
Attatched, I am
I know this much
Can you give me this
I need to know.
Painfully, this has taken a hard toll on me
I'm sure it's affecting everyone.
Attatched, I am
I know this much
Can you give me this
If we're wrong I will snap
Blown away, I am scattered.